Top 10 Things to Know Before Investing in SBT Caladium Project

SBTL Caladium 109 residential project is located in the classy locality of Gurgaon. This offers a top-notch experience of living; very close to a paradise feel. The lavishness of amenities offered to each resident will ensure to give a personalized touch of perfectness. These are very reason why we are a supreme niche in the real estate field. Few things about SBT Caladium projects are listed below for your assistance:

  1. Premium Apartments are offered with and without servant rooms for both 3 Bedroom and 4 Bedroom flats with good-looking and ultra-comfort living.

  2. The apartments are furnished and have large living room and capacious 3 side-open flats. This ensures to offer sun-cut light and fresh air to the living spaces.

  3. Open-Plan Layouts will provide maximum scenes of nature and its beauty with a cozy finish of sparkling natural light.

  4. Balconies are sunk with the light greenery (optional) and facilities for any art and design to draw elegance onto the walls.

  5. Every nook and corner of the space is considered in the built-up area to offer best space utilization. Lush and convenience enjoyed in spacious areas is different from that of small spaces.

  6. Solutrean Caladium’s atmosphere helps in rejuvenating the souls and will let the mind to travel where your heart desires to. The calmness from traffic and freshness in air is embraced in each and every flat. It is possible here to bring life to the living space with the touch of nature.

  7. In-house club is spread across 10,000 sq ft to encourage fresh flow of dynamism and appetite for healthy lives. It simply offers a pinch for anything and everything to make you recreated.

  8. The green landscapes and music of the earth can be embraced at Caladium sector 109 Gurgaon. This will nurture your heart, mind, body and soul. Here you can adopt the pace of nature and enjoy the silence from a city life.

  9. The children’s play areas and gathering spots are free from intruders. There is no entry for traffic or noise. You can simply sink into a chat with your friend while your kid is playing in a safe area.

  10. Caladium sector 109 Dwarka Expressway is crafted with elevated apartments, green spread of landscapes, room for nature to sink into the living space, sun-kissed balconies, window to watch the rain and to have enough ventilation. Here creativity has designed the walls of the rooms; each room is finished with a uniqueness to prove beauty can be expressed without pictures.

Thus choose to live in a space where heart can relish the beautiful thoughts of past and can prepare an inspirational future. Caladium sector 109 Gurgaon will be ready for possession by mid-2017, this means you have enough time to plan and customize your dream living space. Invest now and give a new touch to your life!

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