Solutrean Caladium

Solutrean Caladium –The Best Option for Buying Residential Apartments

Solutrean Caladium residential apartments are crafted considering the requirements of small and big families.  It is not always about the size of the apartment, but convenience and comfort. At these residential apartments both of these are offered at an affordable price. Each flat is designed to give ample warmth from sunlight and fresh air and spacious living room, bedroom and dining space is provided to accommodate entertainments with guest. 4 BHK room are offered with servant rooms as well.

The apartment is located in central Gurgaon for convenience and it offers residents exclusive facilities like rooftop garden and gym. Apart from helping you to own a flat, step-by-step guidance is provided for those who are unaware of the formalities- specialist developers, asset managers and investors are available at call for these services. Every inch of space is utilized in an efficient manner to give a design-led and innovative finish. Every flat offers an open-plan interior for modern and luxurious urban life design. It is to ensure there are solid flooring, natural light, and spacious kitchens and bathrooms.

solutrean caladium

Fittings and fixtures are handpicked to give a unique and complementary feel to each flat. Apart from this, innovation, amenities and accessibility is widely considered. Shops, hospital,supermarkets and restaurants are at walk-able distance from the apartment. This Solutrean Caladium project has sales team who can help you with financial advice to manage and wisely invest. We have a 20% deposit option for booking within first 45 days and you can pay the rest with a bank loan. This option gives you ample time to arrange money for your “Dream Living”.

Each flat is constructed here considering the need for day and breeze and thus all apartments have independent balconies – a private space to refresh the minds and to rejuvenate your soul.To make your financial plan simple- deposit 20% to block your flat, opt for loans as this will provide tax benefits too. Caldium 109 is not just an option to own a new flat and to avoid rent, but it’s an investment for future. No doubt it is better than paying rent, you can use the same money or a little more to possess a property at the fast developing city Gurgaon. Make the most use of these facilities and live smarty and luxuriously.

solutrean caladium

Residential Apartments in Gurgaon is for those who wish to have a home instead of a rented space. Make it your own flat and start enjoying the freedom. Look for a flat that suits your style and goes well within your budget. There are green areas in the apartment that is free from traffic and population, best for children to play around and for elders to have a social gathering. Solutrean Caladium flats are like a garden that can capture every heart with its beauty – a living space where you can experience the silence of nature!

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